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Why Choose Health Trainers?

Welcome to Health Trainers. We hope you find what you are looking for. The East Riding Health Trainer team are ready and waiting to help you become healthier and support your lifestyle change with motivation and guidance.

Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight in a healthy and manageable way, then the team can support you with personal goals that are achievable and specific to your lifestyle.


Healthy Eating

The Health Trainer team can help improve your diet, whether that be increasing your fruit and veg or reducing those unhealthy snacks.



We offer support to those who wish to reduce, limit and control their alcohol levels through innovative ideas and methods.


Mental Wellbeing

Need someone to talk to? Having issues with your mood or the way you are feeling? The Health Trainer team will listen and help you with improving your emotional well-being.



On offer are 8 weekly personal sessions providing the support to quit with Nicotine Replacement, Champix and motivation. We work closely with you to set a quit date and support you to make your quit a successful one.


Physical Activity

Looking to get active? The Health Trainer team can help in removing barriers and finding new, fun and interesting ways of enjoying activity.

Over 10 Years of Experience

An award-winning service delivering positive health outcomes through individually tailored lifestyle programmes.
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  • Our Training

    Healthtrainers have undergone extensive training and keep up to date with all the latest health information. The healthtrainer service also take part in many events and promotion throughout East Yorkshire in order to provide members of the public with information and support with regards to healthy lifestyles.

  • Who We Are?

    Healthtrainers provide personal support and motivation to adults across the East Riding of Yorkshire. The service offers direct support, guidance and motivation to individuals who want to make a change to their lifestyle.

  • Goals

    Healthtrainers will help you set achievable goals, develop your personal plan, identify and overcome barriers and provide ongoing encouragement and support. Healthtrainers can spend up to an hour with you at each meeting and you can meet with your personal healthtrainer weekly or fortnightly.

Success Stories



Alcohol and weight management


John came to the service as he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic which caused him great concern. He felt he had to do something immediately to prevent becoming diabetic.


John was extremely happy and stated that he thought it would have been a lot harder than it was and that the changes he had made he felt like he could continue with.

A review call at 3 months showed that John had not only sustained the positive changes but had lost another 10lbs since. John couldn’t thank the service enough stating that



Alcohol and weight management


Holly had attended alcohol services in the past and she felt this approach did not work for her so we agreed for her to work on reducing down the alcohol with the support of our service.


Over the past 18 months Holly has remained abstinent from alcohol is still attending the gym 3 to 4 times a week and has lost an amazing 4 stone!  Her weight has reduced to 72kg and her BMI is 25, a loss of 10% body mass.



Smoking Cessation


77 year old male who had been smoking for over 30 years and consuming a high amount of cigarettes in that period. The client’s partner was a smoker and although smoked in the home this was never an issue for the client. Client referred himself following a GP appointment regarding his health.


During the clients last appointment he concluded that he was coping much better with stress even though he had quit and always used smoking as his coping mechanism. Following the quit the client was using less medication for himself and felt his health and well-being had improved greatly.


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Support and Motivation

The Health Trainers will help you set achievable goals, develop your personal plan, identify and overcome barriers. We can spend up to an hour with you at each meeting and also provide telephone support if it is difficult to get out.

Lifestyle Goals Achieved

Goals will be achieved and lifestyle aims attained, your personal Health Trainer will provide encouragement and methods to maintain your successfel lifestyle changes after the one to one sessions.

Maintenance for your goals

The Health Trainer team will contact you after the sessions 3, 6 and 9 months to check on your progress and to further add any support you may need. We will also involve you in our quarterly client reunions.

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