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For support with stopping smoking text QUIT to 60163

We all have issues in our lives which may affect our health in some way. You may want to stop smoking, get fitter, control your weight, or have a healthier diet, reduce your stress levels or just feel better about yourself.

If you want to stop smoking but don’t know where to start a healthtrainer will be able to help you work out exactly how to begin your quit process, set a quit date and provide you with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to support you in quitting and making your quit a successful one.

Healthtrainers are friendly, understanding and supportive. They will help and encourage you to achieve a successful quit and maintain the quit for good.

Did you also know we support anyone who wants to stop smoking from the age of 12 and up!

Stop Smoking

Your healthtrainer can help you stop smoking but also help with the following:

  • Healthy eating
  • Losing weight
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Cutting down on alcohol
  • Sexual health
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Drug misuse

And maintaining your stop smoking / tobacco status.

If you want to stop smoking but don’t know where to start an NHS Healthtrainer will be able to help you work out exactly how to begin your QUIT process, set a QUIT date and provide you with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to support you in quitting and making your QUIT a successful and sustainable one.

The NHS healthtrainers provide Smoking Cessation clinics throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire at locations including Bridlington, Goole, Withernsea, Beverley, Hornsea, Driffield, Gilberdyke, Brough, Snaith, Market Weighton, Hessle, Hedon and Pocklington.

How do I get quit?

If you have picked up one of our RED or GREY leaflets, please complete the slip on the inside back page and post to the healthtrainers office in Bridlington:

Healthtrainers Humber NHS Foundation Trust
19 Quay Road
YO15 2AB

For more support with stopping smoking text QUIT to 60163

Call: 0800 9177752
Email: HNF-TR.healthtrainers@nhs.net

Stop Smoking

Step One

You will be contacted immediately upon the referral being received to book an appointment to see a healthtrainer face to face or to join a drop in clinic.
Stop Smoking

Step Two

During your first session your healthtrainer will set you a quit date and talk to you about maintaining the quit and how to set goals to ensure you achieve the stop smoking status.
Stop Smoking

Step Three

You will be required to attend weekly to accept your NRT treatment and talk through with your healthtrainer any issues, concerns or barriers to fulfilling you’re quit.
Stop Smoking

Step Four

You will be asked to give a CO reading which will determine your smoking status as a quit or non-quit. If you remain a non-quit you will be asked to continue to see your healthtrainer for a further 4 weeks and the support, guidance and motivation including NRT will be available.
Stop Smoking

Step Five

If you achieve quit status at week 4, you will be offered further guidance, support and motivation to maintain the quit beyond the treatment intervention.

This is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service.

You can contact healthtrainers weekdays between 8am and 8pm Monday-Friday across East Riding and Saturday clinics are also available between 9am and 3pm.

More then 10 million adults smoke cigarettes in Great Britain. We know that two thirds of current smokers would like to quit, is this you?

Unfortunately over half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction. Every year over 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes.

In Yorkshire and Humber we have the highest prevalence at 23%.

For more help or to talk through your options please give the healthtrainers a call on 0800 9177752 or e-mail HNF-TR.healthtrainers@nhs.net

Check out these key facts to look at stopping smoking.

Did you know?

Smokers are four times more likely to succeed at quitting with NHS support:

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

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